Discover Oman: The enchanting Orient


Do you feel signs of increased fatigue on your body and your otherwise cheerful mood is below freezing for a long time? Don’t despair. Discover exotic Oman with us.

Perhaps your body is giving you a signal that it needs to rest and replenish vitamin D. A great opportunity to replenish it is a stay in the sun, ideally combined with swimming in the sea. You can take your healing peel in, for example, the increasingly popular Oman, which represents a perfectly balanced mixture of sunny weather, beautiful beaches, warm sea, oriental monuments, diverse nature, delicious cuisine and, last but not least, friendly residents.


Muscat Oman

The capital Muscat lies between the Gulf of Oman and the Al-Hajjar Mountains. Next to the monumental Al Alam Sultan Palace, decorated with pure gold, there are defensive fortresses from the 16th century. An impressive work is the Mosque of Sultan Qaboos, which, according to custom, is located on an elevated site. Here, the income from the oil trade and the firm Muslim faith are observable at every turn. The magnificence of this building of polished marble, complemented by several tops. Here you can see a 14-meter chandelier or a 70-meter hand-woven Persian carpet. Up to twenty thousand believers usually gather here for regular prayers. Classical music lovers can visit Muscat’s opera house – the only one in the Arabian Peninsula.

Practical info:

The Sultanate of Oman is an economically very developed country located in the southeastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula. The climate here is warm all year round. The ideal time to visit is between October and April, when daily temperatures hover around 30°C. In the summer months, the mercury on the thermometer often rises above 40°C.

The beautiful coasts of the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman, with their beautiful turquoise waters, suggest that any temperature can be spent here. A visa is required to enter the country. The visa can be arranged upon arrival at the airport. The condition for granting is a passport valid for at least 6 months after departure. The official language is Arabic, but most of the population also speaks English.

Enchanting scenery

There are many luxury hotel resorts in the vicinity of the metropolis. The clear waters of the Arabian Sea, combined with excellent service and local hospitality, are thus beginning to appeal to an increasing number of tourists of all ages. The coast stretching from Muscat is lined with fishing villages. Fishing is an important economic sector here, and travelers have the unique opportunity to participate in hunting with local fishermen.


The interior of Oman is rocky and arid. You can take a jeep to Wadi Ghul, where rocky cliffs drop into the gorge from a height of up to 1 kilometer. The merciless rays of the sun in the arid landscape create the impression that the green oases are just a mythical mirage. Real life-giving islets, lined with palm trees with crystal clear lakes, offer welcome refreshments. For example, in the form of sweet fresh dates, of which several types are grown here.

Large oases mostly became a place to build impregnable fortresses. As was the case with An-Nachtal. Nazvá or Rustak fortresses were built to protect cities from enemy raids. Bahla Fort has walls up to 10 kilometers long. On your way through the hinterland, you may encounter herds of camels running freely. The tamed ones can be used for adventurous expeditions into the depths of the desert.

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Endless beaches


The southern part of the country resembles a Caribbean paradise. On the wide beach of Salalah Beach, covered with golden sand, you can treat yourself to refreshment in the form of fresh coconuts or fragrant papaya. The nearby Mirbat Beach is charming with fine white sand. The easternmost tip of Oman is occupied by the Ras al Jinz nature reserve, which was created to protect sea turtles. Tourists can uncover the secrets of their lives during a guided tour.

Gourmet’s paradise


A separate chapter of a visit to Oman is the excellent food, which carries a whiff of Indian and African cuisine. Most dishes are dominated by meat from fish, seafood, lamb or chicken. Kebab has achieved world fame. The porridge harees is also worth tasting. The side dish or main dish is usually saffron rice with vegetables and Arabic bread. For drinks, don’t miss the strong kahwa coffee, flavored with a pinch of cardamom. It is served together with dates or halva, as proof of hospitality. Sweet mint tea served in small glasses is also typical. Refreshment will be brought by laban – slightly salty, chilled buttermilk.

You can buy a large selection of fragrant spices, which are an integral part of Omani cuisine, cheaply in one of the typical markets – souks. Fresh dalts, Persian carpets or ceramics can also be a pleasant memory of trips to Oman. Bargaining is essential, even when buying gold jewelry.

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