Thermal baths in Slovenia

thermal baths in Slovenia

Do you love spas? And did you know that thermal baths in Slovenia are among the best in Europe? Therefore, when exploring the unbridled nature, beautiful monuments, and mysterious caves of Slovenia, do not forget to relax, well-deserved rest and regeneration. Put your worries behind you, at least for a while, and let yourself be pampered in some of the fifteen thermal spas that Slovenia is proud of.

To the thermal baths in Slovenia? Why not?

Slovenia is not as well-known in the field of spas as, for example, Hungary, yet with 15 thermal baths and 87 thermal springs, despite its relatively small area, it ranks among the European thermal powers. The spa complexes are at a high level, the offer of wellness procedures, massages, luxury hotels and other accompanying services is truly varied.

Medicinal effects of the springs

The temperature of the springs varies between 32-73 °C, the chemical composition is different. Medicinal springs have a beneficial effect on many health ailments, whether it is rheumatism, gynecological problems, vascular and heart diseases, neurological problems, or lung diseases, they also show excellent results in the treatment of post-traumatic conditions.

Terme Čatež Spa

About 100 km east of Ljubljana lies the spa town of Čatež. It is here where the most visited thermal baths in Slovenia are located. The thermal riviera Terme Čatež has more than 10,000 m² of water area, including indoor and outdoor pools. There are ten outdoor pools, the water temperature ranges from 26-36°C, and in addition to classic swimming, you can also try a number of attractions in the form of toboggans, slides, and other attractions.

There are also attractions for children and adults in the indoor pools. Two of them are probably the most popular, namely the pirate island with climbing frames and the kamikaze slide.

The spa area has a sauna park, a rehabilitation center, and a modern sports center, you can stay in the local campsite, and play billiards, bowling, mini golf, or tennis.

The spa complex includes shops, restaurants, a pastry shop, and even a casino. The facilities here are truly luxurious.

Spa Čatež is used not only by clients for recreation but also by patients undergoing treatment for various health problems. 11 springs spring from a depth of 300-600m, the beneficial effects of which are manifested especially in the treatment of rheumatic and neurological problems, but mainly in problems with the musculoskeletal system.

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Terme Ptuj Spa

In the historic town of Ptuj, which is a well-known wine-growing center, there is the largest thermal water park in Slovenia. The spa complex is divided into an indoor and an outdoor part. Several swimming pools, toboggans, slides are available to visitors, popular attractions include a wave pool, a lazy river, an observation tower or an Olympic swimming pool. Relaxation and relaxation can be found in one of the whirlpools, the therapeutic pool or the Finnish and Turkish saunas, and you can also try underwater massages.

The local spa draws thermal carbonated water from two springs. The thermal spring has a beneficial effect on the locomotor system, it is used in rehabilitation for rheumatic and degenerative diseases, it also helps to treat various neurological diseases and gynecological problems.

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Moravske Toplice

In the north of Slovenia, there is a small town of Moravske Toplice with a modern spa complex, which includes the Terme 3000 water park, including 22 indoor and outdoor pools.

A special feature of the spa complex is a pool with thermal, mineral, highly concentrated water of black color, which helps to treat rheumatism, post-operative conditions, and respiratory and skin problems. In addition to medical procedures, the spa also offers additional services such as kinesiotherapy, thermotherapy, acupuncture, inhalation, and others.

Aquapark Terme 3000 is a paradise for lovers of water fun. With numerous toboggans, slides with visual and sound effects, water fountains, waterfalls, experience rapids, saunas, and whirlpools, the AQUA LOOP adrenaline toboggan is literally rolling in terms of popularity and attractiveness. When riding the toboggan, the start of which is directly rocket-like, you will experience a 90-meter long ride on a 20-meter-high slide, a 14-meter free fall, a 360° loop, and all this at a speed of up to 65 km/h. If you are afraid, definitely do not leave this attraction unnoticed.

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Rogaška Slatina

The oldest and largest thermal spa in Slovenia, more of a traditional spa, is located near the border with Croatia, about 50 km south of the city of Maribor. The mineral water, which springs from a depth of 1,700 m, contains the most magnesium in the world and is credited with miraculous effects.

The spa is used by patients being treated for heart diseases, eye diseases, kidney and urinary tract diseases, skin and rheumatic problems, and musculoskeletal problems.

The Rogoška Slatina thermal spa is surrounded by well-maintained parks, spa houses, and luxury hotels characterized by beautiful architecture, and promenade paths the entire beautiful spa park directly encourages healthy walks, which are a pleasant and welcome part of the treatment program.

In the center of the spa town, you will find shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants. The dominant feature of the city is the church of St. Crosses in neo-Romanesque style.

Whichever thermal spa you decide to visit in Slovenia, know that the healing effects of the thermal springs, water fun in the pools, sauna world, massages, whirlpools, beauty programs, peat wraps, and other services and attractions will guarantee that you will leave feeling reborn.

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