10 most beautiful places in Sicily

most beautiful places in sicily

Your life doesn’t have to be enough to explore the mysteries of this extraordinary island. But for inspiration, we show at least 10 of the most beautiful places in Sicily that you must visit here.

Sicily is a unique place in Europe, it has the most sunny days of the year, it has a unique climate, it is mysterious, challenging and beautiful. What to see on this Italian island? First of all, it is worth renting a car and driving around the island as much as possible, enjoying the views of the beautiful coastline, olive groves, orchards, fields, hills and Mount Etna towering in the distance. Try real olive oil, citrus growing by the roadside, jump into the azure water. Yes, Sicily has it all and much more.

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Etna volcano

most beautiful places in Sicily - Etna

The most characteristic place on the island. Etna is the highest and largest active volcano in Europe. A trip to Mount Etna will be unforgettable, so it is worth it a hundred times. The volcano can be visited from the south, where you will find a lunar landscape, or from the north – more green. Both on one side and on the other side, a great deal of emotions and amazing views await you. Reserve a full day for a trip to Mount Etna, bring comfortable shoes and warm clothes, as the temperature in the higher parts is much lower. Etna can be seen from most places on the island.


most beautiful places in Sicily - Cefalu

A beautiful historic town very picturesquely located at the foot of the monumental Rocco mountain. In high season, it is one of the most visited resorts in Sicily, so it pays to plan a trip here before or after the season.

From the square, romantic narrow cobbled streets lead in all directions. When you walk through them, the real “nostalgic” Italy breathes on you. The main thoroughfare of the old town is the narrow but elegant Corso Ruggero. It is lined with bars, souvenir shops and luxury boutiques. Small typical balconies jut out above the decorated storefronts. The old town here is captivating and not only the promenade along the coast invites you to take long romantic walks. In Cefalu you will see the most beautiful sunsets. It’s a very atmospheric place.

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most beautiful places in Sicily - Palermo

The capital of Sicily. The fifth largest city in Italy. Some are captivating, others are not. Regardless of everything, it’s worth going here for a while. The very location of Palermo is very captivating. The city lies almost in the heart of the valley with the romantic name Conca d’Oro – Golden Shell, surrounded by hills and the sea. During the reign of the Norman monarchs, Palermo was one of the most beautiful residential cities in Europe.

And what to see? The list of Palermo monuments is endless. For example, the Capella Pallotinum in the Palazzo Reale – an extraordinarily rich chapel, a masterpiece of Norman culture, is impressive. If the important buildings are too much for you, there is nothing more pleasant than relaxing in one of the local gardens or parks, for example in the Orto Botanico. Even these green oases of peace complete the unmistakable character of the city.

Likewise, wandering around the elegant streets full of shops, the tangle of alleys or visiting one of the local street markets is part of Palermo. Among the most sought after and visited are the Ballarò, Vucciria and Borgo markets. Experience the unique Palermo full of contrasts for yourself.


most beautiful places in Sicily - Syracuse

It is worth coming here, not for one or two days, but for much longer. Syracuse belongs to the UNESCO list. This place has a long history. The beautiful old town on the island of Ortiga, surrounded on three sides by the sea, will immerse you in its ancient Greco-Roman culture. On the island of Ortigia, you can also see the Temple of Apollo as an unmistakable symbol of the growth of the ancient city. It is considered the oldest ancient temple of Great Greece, dated to the beginning of the 6th century. BC The famous Greek scientist Archimedes was also born in Syracuse.

One of the symbols of the city is papyrus, which does not grow freely anywhere else in Europe. To this day, souvenirs are made from it in Syracuse. In Syracuse there are also the oldest catacombs in Europe and an archaeological park with an unusual acoustic cave called the Ear of Dionysus, which was once … a prison.

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most beautiful places in Sicily - Taormina

Many people avoid it because of the crowds of tourists that head here in the high season. And they have a good reason why they are so attracted to the city. Taormina is on the list of the most beautiful cities in Italy. And the most luxurious ones. An attraction for lovers of monuments is the magnificently located, well-preserved Greek theater built in the 3rd century BC. Taormina also boasts the best view of Mount Etna.

It is worth coming and trying to find your own places, streets, away from tourists. And if you manage to get out of reach of the mobs or pretend you can’t see them for a while, it’s worth it. But still the best time to visit Taormina is off season.


most beautiful places in Sicily - Noto

The historic town is one of the most beautiful places in Sicily. Noto and its magnificent buildings were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2002. Noto will delight you not only with its monumental cathedral. The main street of the city is full of beautiful baroque palaces, churches and theaters. It is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful arteries in Sicily. If you would like to live in a Sicilian palace, it will be possible here.

And in addition to the sights, don’t forget to try the famous local ice cream in Not or go to the cafe for an excellent Italian coffee.

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Alcantara Valley

most beautiful places in Sicily - Alcantara

An amazing, picturesque gorge near the city of Taormina, which was carved by the water of the river of the same name into the basalt layers, formed long ago by solidified lava, ejected by a small volcano north of Etna. It is an incredibly photogenic place. If you are willing to put in a little effort (because moving between the basalt walls is not easy and the fast current and slippery rocks are not conducive to staying on your feet), you can be rewarded with a beautiful waterfall. An ideal place for people who prefer contact with nature over civilization.

Zingaro Reservation

most beautiful places in Sicily - Zingaro

Another destination for nature lovers. Zingaro is the first ever protected national park in Sicily. The reserve is characterized by exotic vegetation and beaches. Over 800 species of plants, no roads or hotels, silence, amazing views. One of them is the low dwarf palm (Chamaeros Humilis), which you can also find on the reserve’s official sign. You can move here on foot, on horseback or on the back of a donkey.

Tourists who come here are attracted not only by the beautiful nature on the mainland, but also by the small bays with the crystal blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. In addition to the white beaches between jagged rocks, you can also admire the coastal walkway created by the calcification of crustacean shells. For lovers of diving, the large number of underwater caves will be an attraction, the largest of which, del Colombaccio, measures a full 30 meters in circumference.

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most beautiful places in Sicily - Scopello

A town that was founded in the 18th century, a tuna processing factory and an unusual, picturesque beach loved by divers. Here, the defensive towers built on scales will catch your attention, adding charm to the place. Faraglioni di Scopello is also worth a visit from the sea, by boat from Castellammare del Golfo or San Vito Lo Capo.

In Scopello, you can combine relaxation on the local sandy beaches with wandering around the town. In its heart stands a cobbled square with a fountain and a church, the road to the sea is lined with fruit and vegetable stalls. An ideal place for romance and peace.


most beautiful places in Sicily - Ragusa

Rebuilt after the earthquake, the town in the Noto Valley continues to fascinate. In fact, Ragusa is two cities: Nowe Miasto and Ragusa Ibla, carefully rebuilt by the inhabitants who wanted to give the place back its medieval appearance. The city is also included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list.

Ragusa Ibla is a maze of small, atmospheric streets, many churches and a few spectacular ones, including the Cathedral of San Giorgio in Piazza del Duomo. You can experience the real Sicilian Italy right here!

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