What to taste in Spain?

what to taste in spain

What to taste in Spain? What kind of trip would it be if you didn’t take something nice away from it? Now I don’t mean any souvenir. I’m talking more about a new experience or experience. The best ones are the ones we remember long after. But this time we will talk about food! Nowadays, it is almost no longer a problem to find international cuisines of all kinds in our home in every major city. But tasting local cuisine in its place of origin is something else. And that is what should bring us an unforgettable experience. So what should you definitely not forget when you find yourself in the land of flamenco?

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This dish is originally from Valencia and its name translates to “pan” in Latin. The basic ingredient is rice and the rest just depends on your taste or what you have at home. Popular is vegetarian paella, with seafood or a mix where you can have chicken, chorizo and shrimp together on a plate.


A raw vegetable soup that is eaten cold? That doesn’t sound very appealing, but believe me, it will come in handy in the hot weather today. It is a healthy and refreshing dish that you can prepare at home once or twice. It is said that it first began to be prepared in the region of Andalusia, and what constitutes its basis? Tomatoes, cucumber, onion, garlic, capsicum, salt, pepper, olive oil, water and a little vinegar.


We are not talking about the name of the food here, but about the way of dining. Tapas are canapés, of which you can order several and together they can easily make a whole dinner. If you’re only in Spain for a short time, this is definitely a great way to get as much of it as you can. In recent years, some restaurants have transformed them into a complete culinary experience. And what can you enjoy? E.g. on tuna tartare, shrimp with watermelon salsa, beetroot gazpacho, seafood, foie gras, cheeses and lots and lots of other goodies!


Fried pastry in the shape of sticks covered in sugar and cinnamon, the texture of which resembles dognuts. Only the dough is slightly fluffier. In combination with hot chocolate, it is an excellent dessert or a substitute for a great breakfast. Don’t forget to do a small research and find the best ones in your area.


A drink that I probably don’t need to introduce to you. The base is red wine (e.g. Rioja), fruit you have on hand (orange, peach, lemon, apple, grapes, etc.), a drop of brandy and a pinch of sugar. There is no right recipe, it’s up to you how you mix your sangria. You can also add a few drops of something sharper, or even orange juice.

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