Where to find a heart shape in nature?

heart shape in nature

Nature has created several unique romantic places around the world, as if under the influence of its own love. Finding a heart shape in nature is a delight for everyone. Such a place can be an inspiration for special moments in your life.

Lake in the Austrian Alps

heart shape in nature

The deep blue heart-shaped Gaislacher See is below the majestic Gaislachkogel Mountain. Take the cable car from Sölden to the top of the Gaislachkogel and climb the steep pass to the charming Gaislacher See with its enchanting blue surface. Take your time and enjoy a unique view of the futuristic building of the ice Q restaurant, which “starred” in the Bond movie Spectre. Only then take a seat inside the restaurant or on the terrace, order something from the menu and look around at the flood of three-thousand-dollar buildings that rise to the sky all around.

Les Calanques de Piana in Corsica, France

heart shape in nature

The granite rock formations of Les Calanques de Piana are among the most beautiful places in Corsica. It is located near the town of Piana above the Gulf of Porto and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983. It is no wonder that the massif is the most attractive touristic part of the rocky west coast of the island. The reddish rocks are especially famous for the heart-shaped opening in the rock, the so-called Sentier du Coeur or simply Le Coeur. But there are many other interesting formations, e.g. Dog’s head, Tortoise, Bishop, etc.

Rock at Preveli beach in Crete, Greece

heart shape in nature

Preveli beach is located about 35 km south of Rethymno and 10 km east of the town of Plakias, more precisely below the monastery at the mouth of the Kourtaliótiko gorge. Access to it is twofold. You can go down from the monastery or go from the other side, where you first climb up to a promontory, from where you get a nice view of the clear sea. Then you will go down to the beach, in the eastern part of which a well-known heart-shaped stone rises from the sea. Because of the river, the sea water is very cold, yet the beach here is probably the most famous in southern Crete and receives thousands of visitors every summer.

Galesnjak island in Croatia

heart shape in nature

Galešnjak Island has become a hit with couples in love, and why not when it is shaped like a heart! This alone makes it the perfect destination to spend Valentine’s Day. The uninhabited Island of Lovers with an area of less than 11 hectares can be found near Zadar in northern Dalmatia. It owes its growing popularity to satellite images from the Google Earth web application, which beautifully captured its uniqueness. Even its owners had no idea how special it looks until they were flooded with requests from couples in love who would like to spend a few romantic moments here.

Heart arch at Praia da Marinha beach in Algarve, Portugal

heart shape in nature

The southern coast of Portugal’s Algarve boasts beaches with photogenic limestone rock formations that, thanks to their orange-brown coloring, look great in pictures. Part of the cliffs on the beautiful beach of Praia da Marinha are also two special arches that, from a certain point of view, resemble the shape of a heart. They thus earned a place of honor in many photographs.

Lac du Montagnon – the most romantic lake in France

heart shape in nature

Lake Montagnon (Lac du Montagnon) lies between the Mardas, Montagnon and l’Escala mountain ranges in the heart of the French Pyrenees. With an area of more than 206,000 hectares, the Pyrenees National Park offers plenty of scenic hiking trails to explore the area’s forests, meadows and mountains, but Lake Montagnon wins as the region’s most romantic natural feature. In addition to its quiet and isolated location, the lake is famous for its unique shape of an almost perfect heart. Lake Montagnon, with its remote location, is not easily accessible, but it is a fairytale lake that is well worth the effort.

The Pearl of the Balkan Mountains – Lake Trnovacko, Montenegro

heart shape in nature

Lake Trnovačko is said to be the most beautiful lake in the Balkans. Advertising leaflets also name many other lakes in the world in this way, but in this case it will be too difficult to disprove this claim. Especially when looking at the heart-shaped mountain lake surrounded by limestone peaks reaching a height of over 2300 meters. The lake lies at an altitude of 1,517 meters and many beautiful flowers grow around the shores. There is a small tourist hut on the shore and swimming in the lake is allowed.

The heart of Santorini, Greece

heart shape in nature

The heart of Santorini is one of the most sought-after places to propose on the island. And no wonder, the rock in which the shape of the heart is depicted undoubtedly has its charm and attracts couples in love all year round. This formation is located near the picturesque village of Megalochori, which you should not miss when visiting the Heart of Santorini.

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